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"Heritage" Pointe Shoes

Heritage is a Russian inspired pointe shoe boasting a low V shaped vamp design that lengthens the aesthetic line of the foot. Also available with a strong shank. * The shank is designed to be flexible, supportive en pointe and durable, which makes it an ideal shoe for both rehearsal and performance * The medium strength, gently curved shank promotes foot articulation and can help the dancer achieve demi pointe * Flat pleating under the box creates a smooth surface and greater stability when running, walking or standing flat * The improved, cupped heel shape incorporates a heel counter, providing the dancer with a feeling of security and snug fit ⁠— this also assists in maintaining the shape of the shoe in both the standing and en pointe positions * Inside the box at the platform, is a soft sponge cushion insert which gives extra comfort and protection when standing en pointe and acts as a shock absorber * Cotton drawstring * A paste * Noise reduction under the pleats * Heel cushion

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